Business Plan Excel – A Reliable Retail Store Business Plan Template (Part 1)

Business Plan Excel – What Is It?

A Business Plan Excel is a beneficial retail store business plan template structured in a user-friendly excel format which gives the essential flexibility preferred by start-up and existing retail store businesses. This template is a product of 14 years of thorough efforts and hard work, enhanced from the inputs gathered during my training on consumers store operation in Singapore and perfected through the test of time. Nowadays, the consumers store of the Socorro Empowered People’s Cooperative (SOEMCO), an institution deeply attached to island life in Bucas Grande Island, Socorro, Surigao del Norte, Philippines is smoothly operating its retail business utilizing the business plan excel template as road map in its planning and operation endeavors.

Primary Considerations

The principal factor to be considered before accomplishing the business plan excel template is the planning period. In our case at the SOEMCO consumers store, we considered the 5-year period as suitable. Further, the latest population and average household size of the retail store area of operation should be ascertained. Lastly, the target market share shall be determined.

Template Contents

The business plan excel template comes in 16 inter-related schedules which are very important in arriving at a viable 5-year financial forecast of the retail store business. The first 5 schedules of the template will be discussed in detail in this article:

Schedule 1- Total Project Cost. This part of the template outlines the fixed assets, the working capital and the pre-operating expenses for the initial year of operation. The figures are automatically supplied by the results of the interconnected schedules linked in the items embodied in schedule 1.

Schedule 2 – Profit and Loss Statement. This segment of the business plan excel template deals on the 5-year projection on sales less, cost of sales as well as net sales less wastage, inventory cost and operating expenses to come up with the net profits before and after tax. A monthly profit and loss statement can be extracted out of the yearly statement.

Schedule 3- Break-Even Computation. This outlines the 5-year break-even projection of the retail store business. It consists of the cost of items, gross profit margin and annual/monthly/daily break even sales. The figures supplied in the segment are very much helpful on the side of the store management in the preparation of the sales projection to be outlined in detail in the later post on the matter.

Schedule 4- Profitability Ratios. This part of the business plan excel template deals on the 5-year profitability ratios of the retail store business. Based on the figures supplied by other related schedules the net profit margin, return on assets, asset conversion rate, financial leverage and return on equity ratios are automatically supplied.

Schedule 5 – Projected Cash Flow Statement. This deals on the 5-year projected statement of cash flow taking into consideration the beginning balance, cash receipts, cash available, cash disbursements periodic ending balance. The annual cash flow statement can be broken down into monthly and daily cash flow statements.

The rest of the schedules in the business plan excel template shall be discussed in the next posts on the subject.

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